Zidane is always right .. Ceballos and Llorente are new examples

Zidane is always right .. Ceballos and Llorente are new examples

There was no more anger from Real Madrid fans after the unveiling of the summer transfer market almost five months ago, although the club spent more than 300 million euros to strengthen its ranks, and the public anger increased further after the level of the team in the first weeks that saw some stumbles in the Spanish league and the Champions League.

There were some drawbacks from the fans and the press on some deals in the summer, such as not hiring a new midfielder, allowing Marcos Llorente and Dani Ceballos to leave, and then coach Zinedine Zidane was subjected to harsh criticism.

But as we are used to Zidane, he dealt with the chaos outside the dressing room very quietly, and bet on time to prove his decisions correct, and after more than half the season, the French coach proved that he was right in everything.

Real Madrid never need Ceballos and Llorente

Zidane had a dimension of sight to some players, including Dani Ceballos, who did not rely upon much in his final season in his first term, and upon his arrival, he told the player to look for a club to play for a season on loan, and indeed the player moved to Arsenal.

The beginning of Ceballos was successful with Arsenal, but soon his level dropped, and then he suffered an injury that kept him away for a short time from the stadiums, and now he is locked in a bench under the leadership of coach Mikel Arteta, and barely enters the field, when the player is unable to get minutes with a team like Arsenal who does not have Great potential at the moment, it is natural that he will not have any role in a team the size of Real Madrid.

The same goes for Marcos Llorente, who moved to the traditional rival Atlético Madrid, and the club came under fierce attack to allow this deal, but now no one remembers it, as if the deal did not happen in the first place, simply because the player does not participate with coach Diego Simeone, and fought only 600 minutes in various tournaments, This is less than 30% of the available minutes, although he has not been injured.

Zidane's insight into Valverde

At a time when Zidane asked to get rid of Ceballos and Llorente either on loan or on sale, he insisted that Federico Valverde remain the lesser-known player at Real Madrid, from whom no one was expecting anything after the level he appeared on last season.

Zidane saw something in Valverde that no one else sees, and preferred not to hire a new midfielder after the failure of the deal Paul Pogba, because he sees the Uruguayan star as a suitable option to apply his ideas, and after several months, the player became one of the most important players in the team, and turned to the adoration of the fans, while not  One remembers Ceballos and Llorente for their failure with their new clubs.

Zidane has always been right at Real Madrid

If we recall a little bit, and we monitor Zidane's decisions in his first term, he has made a lot of decisions that were not understood by many, and turned out to be very correct and appropriate later, perhaps most notably the exclusion of Gareth Bale from the starting line-up for the 2017-2018 season.

Zidane did not care about the level of individuals individually as much as the extent of their concentration and desire to serve the team, and by his tactical plans, and he found that the Welsh star did not want to make any effort to maintain his position, which made him completely exclude him and turn into a substitute player only.

After Zidane's departure, the administration still hoped Gareth Bale would explode after Ronaldo's departure, but the player has disappointed him and still does not show any positive signs that make Zidane criticized, on the contrary, most now support his exclusion from the squad and demand his departure as well.

Another similar story happened with James Rodriguez who decided to leave in the summer of 2017 because he did not get enough opportunities from Zidane, and after two seasons at Bayern Munich, the latter refused to pay 40 million euros to buy his contract once and for all, and this shows that the player is not that good as some describe him, and Zidane was right to ignore it, and what He's still right now.

The last thing we can talk about Zidane's decisions that initially upset everyone is to let Álvaro Morata go, bet on Karim Benzema, and we don't have to mention their respective numbers in recent years, because the difference is very clear.

The Spanish striker failed miserably at Chelsea, and continued his failure with Atlético Madrid, while Karim Benzema regained his usual level and overcame the crisis of Mathieu Valbuena, and even became the star of the first team at Real Madrid, and the decisive player in most games. That's why we say: Sorry, real Madrid fans and press. Zidane is always right.

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